It's all about community

Ecco Living was created by two friends who were international students attending college in Los Angeles. They lived and experienced co-living and student housing firsthand for many years and quickly realized the issues were always the same. 

Renting a place is incredibly difficult for an international renter or someone lacking credit. And, for anyone looking to split costs, finding a good, reliable roommate is another massive hurdle. Not to mention, making sure the place is well-maintained and actually looks like the pictures in the listings was yet another concern. 

From start to finish, most rental companies out there were flawed. The only thing differentiating them was their shortcomings, either in a specific part of the rental process or throughout it. That is why they decided to join forces and put an end to this once and for all.

They redesigned the whole experience to be the way they envisioned renting in a major metropolitan city like Los Angeles should be. They understand that renting is not always affordable in highly sought-after locations within Los Angeles. So, they help make it attainable for most young professionals and students by creating the roommate experience.

Our goal is to create hotel-like setup and cleanliness in addition to homey comfort. We take pride in providing the best customer service and go above and beyond at delivering services which a regular management company would never be able to do so. We also aim to offer the best competitive rates in the market while providing extreme flexibility for our residents. 

The most important aspect of us is the sense of community. Our residents become a part of our family and can build long lasting friendships. It is very important to us, hence we added the word community to our company name. We are one big, loving community. We love to host our residents, keep them happy and satisfied for however long they would like to stay. We are happy to serve.


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People love us

"Great people and understanding! The follow up with ''issues'' is pretty fast. The process to get a spot is quick and almost effortless. Good for students, young professionals, and temporary or long stays in town."
by Khadidjatou M.
5 Stars Google Review, Young Professional from Canada
"Moved to LA for the first time and this place has been the best decision yet! Everything is top notch and you get so much more for the money you pay. This one’s a good deal."
by Rushil K.
5 Stars Google Review, NYFA Student
"I absolutely love this place! It’s quiet and peaceful, as well as wonderful staff! The apartments are great and convenient, and it’s comfy staying! You get your money’s worth."
by Andy R.
5 Stars Google Review, Woodbury University Student

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