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Finding a Furnished Apartment for Rent in Los Angeles, Burbank, West Hollywood

Whether you’re new to the area or born and raised, Los Angeles County has several different cities with different looks and feels, making it a great place to call home for nearly anyone.

Here at Ecco, our specialty is coliving. That’s why we want to help you in finding a furnished apartment for rent in Los Angeles, Burbank, West Hollywood, and other incredible cities that makeup Los Angeles County.

Finding a Furnished Apartment

It’s essential to understand the differences between coliving and having roommates as you start looking around for furnished apartments. Keep in mind that a furnished room for rent differs from a furnished apartment. Before committing to one lifestyle or another, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons first.

Then it’s time to start looking. While you might know how to find an apartment for rent, it can be a different ball game with furnished apartments. Make sure you find reputable websites, like Ecco, to help you.

Choosing a City

Narrowing down your options means figuring out which city within Los Angeles County you’d like to live in. Here’s a quick glimpse at what these major cities offer renters.

Los Angeles

You’ll quickly find that the city of Los Angeles is home to dreamers, doers, and artists galore. There are endless forms of entertainment in the city, with everything from beach access to music festivals and more.


Burbank is a suburb of Los Angeles best known as home to numerous animation, television, and motion picture studios. Within the city limits of Burbank, other business residents also include craft services operations and post-production facilities.

West Hollywood

The central location of West Hollywood is just one of many attributes attracting people to call it home. The city is known for its fun, dining, shopping, and nightlife, as well as the heartbeat of Southern California’s LGBTQ+ community.

Enlisting the Help of Ecco

Thankfully, the coliving experts at Ecco are here to help you with finding a furnished apartment for rent in Los Angeles, Burbank, West Hollywood, and more. If you’re looking for coliving in Los Angeles, Ecco can help set you up. Best of all, all Ecco properties include furnished rooms for rent that come dressed to the nines. 

Ecco has combined hotel-quality furnishings and cleanliness standards with the homey comfort of a place to call your own. Best of all, Ecco provides the most competitive rates in the market while still providing our renters with optimal flexibility.

Join the Ecco Community Today!

Finding an apartment for rent isn’t always easy, but with Ecco, it is. So, whether you’re from overseas, lacking credit, or struggling to find a good fit, we’re here to help. We’ve redesigned the rental experience to be the way it should be in a city like Los Angeles. 

Here at Ecco, we are one big, loving community. When you join Ecco, you become a part of our family. We love to host our residents and keep them happy and satisfied. We are happy to serve.

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