What is the difference between Co-living and having roommates?

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Coliving is a worldwide recognized living movement. It is a system for a group of people to come together and use the main resources in a shared manner.

If you are thinking of a shared lifestyle, the first question that comes to your mind is what is the difference between co living and having roommates?

Although the basic meanings of the words co hosuing and co living are similar, there is a slight difference.

Co living spaces generally feel like a dormitory. You have your own room (single or shared). But you use common areas such as the kitchen and living room with others.

Co living is very convenient because your bills, which you will pay very expensively, are shared.

For example, obligatory expenses such as internet, cleaning expenses, food in a place alone do not force your budget here.

Co living is run by a firm and they charge you for the contract.

We can say that the biggest difference between co housing and co living is sharing areas. In the co housing system, each individual has their own bathroom and kitchen area, while in co living, such areas are shared.

Co living spaces can offer more flexible accommodation. (Overnight, monthly and monthly.) This is very preferred by the younger generation.

What is Having Roommates?

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To give an example, 3 people can rent a 3-room house together. In this case, 3 people together sign a lease. Each individual is responsible for the contract. If one person does not pay their part, the other two are liable.

What are the Negative Conditions for Renting Roommates?

In a house rented as roommates, tenants have to cover their own internet and water bills. They have to buy the furniture themselves.

Another negative is that with regular home rentals, the contracts are usually for 1 year. 3 people have to sign a 1 year statement. If one person has to leave early, the other two people have to pay all the rent, or find someone else.

In co-living, there are no such problems. Everyone has their own separate contract. Fully furnished and all utilities are ready. Since everyone has their own contract, contracts are of shorter duration.

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