What Is Co-Living?

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Co living, also known as the concept of shared living space, can be called the shared lifestyle of people with the same purpose. It is an affordable real estate style that can be rented by sharing houses or apartments with common space. It is very preferred by people who go to a city for business, students or those who travel for a certain time to get to know a city.

In big cities where housing prices are increasing day by day, people or travelers looking for a place to stay share apartments by renting rooms.

The system, which operates on the basis of the sharing economy, is the concept of using a house by many people. instead of traditional housing, it aims for individuals to live in cooperation in the professional and economic conditions of the city by sharing common areas.

We can list the 5 main reasons that make the common life concept attractive and respond to the problems experienced as follows:

  1. No need for a long-term contract.
  2. There is no need to buy or move items to rent.
  3. Your monthly expenses are fixed.
  4. You are together with people who have adopted the same lifestyle as you.
  5. Subscriptions and services are included in the rent.

What Is Co-Living Space?

common life spaces for coliving
common life spaces

In modern times, especially young people living in different cities and countries to study or work has increased.

You can read this article for What is co working?

In many parts of the world, housing prices and rents are not increasing at the same rate as the earnings of young graduates. As such, it makes it difficult to live alone in locations.

Individuals who prefer a larger home life by getting together with a few housemates instead of renting a studio or 1+1 flat alone can save 40-50% in rental costs.

Coliving places rental provides accommodation at a very affordable price since the general expenses (electricity, water, internet…) are shared. Renting a house or a one bedroom flat always costs more as one person will share the overhead.

One of the best parts of the Co-living system is that the companies prepare everything for you and save you from realtor commission and other obligatory tedious work.

How Does Co-Living Work?

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Unlike renting a shared house, in a co living system you are only responsible for your own payments. Even if you share the same space, each tenant’s payment is their own business. If a person misses their rent, you are not responsible. Even if you use the common areas together, you will have a comfortable room of your own.

What Is Co Living Concept

The coliving system includes your own room as well as a beautifully designed common area. In this common area, you can watch TV or check your business e-mails. Most coliving concepts have the necessary infrastructure for work from home as well as providing a quality space.

The common areas are equipped with the best quality furniture. In the kitchen, there are all kinds of kitchen utensils for you to prepare meals. There are general materials such as coffee machine, toaster, plate, refrigerator.

In the bathroom, soap and toilet paper are always available.

A cleaning company comes once a week and does the necessary cleaning. This is also included in the rent.

Most buildings also have a communal gym. There is also a washing machine for you to wash your clothes. (Some features may vary according to the system of the house.)

Co Living Facilities

In the Co-living system, the concept is very simple. Expenses such as common cleaning, gas, wifi, electricity are not reflected to you. You only pay your rent and there are no extra costs.

The coliving context includes the following :

  • Wi-Fi
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Room
  • Cleaning Service
  • Toilet Paper
  • Soap
  • Tv
coliving benefits infographic
coliving benefits infographic

What is co living apartments?

Co living apatments is an agreement for a group of people to share an apartment and live together.

One of the most troublesome problems in renting an apartment is inflexible rental conditions. You have to cover the household goods and expenses such as electricity and water for the flat.

A dispute between tenants will put a burden on other tenants.

When a person leaves the apartment, the expenses will be less divided and will cause difficulties for the tenants. These co living apartments, which are usually kept by students for the season, mean a lot of expenses to support a house or flat on their own.

Coliving does not have such heavy responsibilities. Each tenant only considers their own rent. Settling into a home with the extra co-living lifestyle is easy. You can place your luggage only by signing the contract.

Is Co-Living Safe?

Are you a student planning on living with roommates? Before you move in together, make sure you know what to expect. This way, you won’t be stuck in a situation where you feel uncomfortable. A co-living environment can cause arguments and fall-outs, so it’s important to keep in mind the safety of your roommates. You’ll also want to memorize your house’s emergency exit procedures. If your building is unfamiliar, you might not be able to remember which way to go in case of an emergency.

Before moving in with a new roommate, you should know what you’re looking for in a home. First and foremost, you need to decide what your priorities are. You may have different tastes, so you’ll want to buy a home security system to protect your valuables. An intruder alarm is your first priority. You’ll also want to have an extra alarm to deter anyone from breaking in and messing up your place.

Some co-living spaces will provide you with a copy of the apartment lease, which will help you get an idea of how the entire space operates. If you’re looking for a single room, the rider will most likely take precedence over the apartment lease. A co-living space’s physical space can give you valuable insight into the company’s operations. Be sure to make sure the room is identical to the one advertised, and that it meets the requirements of a legal bedroom. In some places, it’s illegal to access a bedroom without a lock, or to enter through another room.

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